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A Torn ACL and All I Got Was This Lousy Story

Like all my major injuries, the story that goes along with it sucks.

I was getting kids off a lift and when I turned to help the one on my left, the other one’s ski went under mine and swiped my leg out from underneath me. I felt a little silly about the entire thing until I found three other instructors who did the same thing the same way. I will say this for myself, I got those kids down the mountain and none of them had any idea I was injured. I did, however, ignore all requests to cut through trees and hit bumps.¬†For one run, I was the boring instructor. Read More→

A Torn Ligament and All I Got was This Lousy Story

Last time I ended up in Instacare, I walked into a pole and cut open my face. I swore next time I had an injury, I’d better¬†have a cool story. Instead, I trip in the grocery store parking lot and fall in front of about five people. Dang that smooth, well-paved parking lot. Read More→

Ten Signs You Have a Gear Addiction

10. You have a drawer dedicated to ski clothes, another for swimsuits, and yet another for workout clothes.

9.You have four different helmets: climbing, skiing, biking, and four-wheeling.

8. Your bike matches your jersey, which matches your jacket, which matches your skis. Read More→

Super Secret Tip for Staying Safe in a Tent Alone

I have two major fears when camping in a tent. Bears and maniac killers.

Everybody knows what to do about preventing bear attacks but what about those maniac killers. Do you sleep with butcher knives or guns? Always have a rape whistle wrapped around your neck? Set up booby traps outside the tent?

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