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Sliding in the Snow

Grab your gloves and snow boots, it’s time for an adventure in a frozen wonderland—right in your own backyard! Here are fun twists on classic winter pastimes, like sledding and making snowmen. Learn how to design your own backyard winter Olympics.

Things to make and do include: • Saving a Snowflake Forever • Wacky Snow Creations • Making Your Own Snowshoes • Making a Snowball Launcher • Sidewalk Curling • Skijoring • And more!

Sliding in the Snow is a great way to get the kids outdoors and creating their own adventures. Here’s an activity from the book. Read More→

Book Review of Fall Walk and Winter Walk

This beautiful and educational series from author Virginia Brimhall Snow encourages kids to learn about nature and get out and explore it as well. Look below for a chance to win copies of both books.

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Common Mistakes When Teaching Kids to Ski: Teaching Them Yourself

Today is the conclusion to my 4-part series. Don’t get me wrong, some parents are totally capable of teaching their own kids to ski. However, a lot of adults who’ve been skiing for years forget how difficult learning can be and don’t know how to break down skiing into learnable skills. Screaming “pizza” as your kid zooms down the hill out of control is not helpful, but it’s all some parents can offer.

Here are some good questions to ask before teaching them yourself: Read More→

Common Mistakes When Teaching Kids to Ski: Out of Control

Today is part 3 in my 4-part series. Picture this. It’s your five-year-old’s second day on the hill and she’s already rocking turns and stops. You take her up on a little steeper terrain totally confident in her ability. You’re right beside her to keep her safe. As she comes down the steeper part, she doesn’t make her turn. Her speed gets faster, and you yell out “Pizza,” but instead she clicks her skis together and shoots straight down the mountain. You chase after her, but a fence catches her first.

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