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Yuba Triathlon Review

The Yuba triathlon will always have a special place in my heart since it was my first tri. A few years later, it still holds up as a good race now that I’ve done it a few times. (Except for the year I was recovering from food poisoning. That’s a race I block out). Put on by Racetri every September, it’s a great end to the summer. Read More→

Outdoor Places to Visit in Utah During the Shutdown

Looking for some outdoor fun in Utah during the shut down? I’ve read a few articles with suggestions that include driving down a highway and looking down into the national parks, fun stuff. Here’s some tips on actual fun things you can do. Read More→

Ten Signs You Have a Gear Addiction

10. You have a drawer dedicated to ski clothes, another for swimsuits, and yet another for workout clothes.

9.You have four different helmets: climbing, skiing, biking, and four-wheeling.

8. Your bike matches your jersey, which matches your jacket, which matches your skis. Read More→