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What Creates a Bad Biker?

The local news did a story on residents who complained about bikers speeding down a canyon road, ignoring the parked school bus of loading children. When the police pulled over a biker speeding by the bus at thirty to forty mph, his response, “I had cars buzz by me within a matter of feet…that’d be a lot more dangerous of an issue.”

What is it about biking that makes some people think the rules of the road don’t apply to them? I agree, cars can be a problem but it’s time to address the attitudes that go into the danger of bikers.

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When is a Child Old Enough to Work Out Alone?

While I jogged down the local running trail about seven in the morning, a boy of about ten years old passed me. I did a double take but didn’t see any parents around. Two things occurred to me: 1) kudos to that kid, he rocks, and 2) how old should a kid be before he/she is allowed to exercise alone?

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Echo Triathlon Review

From biking in a few miles from the parking lot carrying all of my tri gear to carrying the bike through the transition area because of stickers, this race was a little more physical than I’d expected. But the assigned areas in the transition area, a beautiful bike ride, and a flat run help make up for it. Read More→

The River Rampage Triathlon Review

Utah’s only down river triathlon takes place in Green River, Utah, and is gaining in popularity. Begun in 2012 by Triutah, this race started as an olympic distance only but now includes the sprint distance as well. It’s a one-mile swim for both groups and then breaks into the standard distances for spring and olympic.

I did the olympic distance the first year they had it with what felt like thirty other people. I had the course to myself. My swim took only fourteen minutes since the river was at flood stage. This last year the race has grown quite a bit now that it includes the sprint distance.

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