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Super Secret Tip for Staying Safe in a Tent Alone

I have two major fears when camping in a tent. Bears and maniac killers.

Everybody knows what to do about preventing bear attacks but what about those maniac killers. Do you sleep with butcher knives or guns? Always have a rape whistle wrapped around your neck? Set up booby traps outside the tent?

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Mesa Verde: What to see, when to go, and how long to stay

Mesa Verde is a hidden civilization amongst the mesas of south western Colorado. These ruins were homes to the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians a thousand years ago before abandoning the area. No, they didn’t vanish or get abducted by aliens, they just moved. Completely beautiful, inspiring, and worth the trip, but I was bored after a day.

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Tips for Your First Triathlon

It takes several triathlons to learn the little tricks of the trade — mostly by either making mistakes or by watching other people. Here’s a few tri tips to save you some trouble.

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