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10 Life Lessons Learned from Skiing

10. The early skier makes first tracks.

9. Take a ski lesson. It’s important to ask an expert for help.

8. Talk to people on the lift. It’s a good chance to make a new friend who you already have something in common with.

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Meeting a Guy on the Lift

It wasn’t the first time a guy had hit on me on the lift but, I got to say, he was the most persistent. He told me he wanted to watch me ski and then followed me down the hill right in my tracks.

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Compliment with an Asterisk

I’ve noticed an annoying habit women have, myself included. We give ourselves compliments with asterisks attached. For instance we’ll say something like, I think I’m pretty.*
*Of course, I do need to lose a few pounds and my hair is always a mess.

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