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Lectured by the Clinique Counter Lady

I totally got chastised by the Clinique counter lady. I was on my way home from skiing on a snowy day, and I stopped in to pick up some skin care stuff. We got on the subject of sunblock, and she talked about how important it was to wear sunblock. I told her that I totally agreed with her.

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Awkward Places to Change Clothes

I saw this towel online, which is designed to change clothes underneath. My first thought was ‘what a waste of money.’ But then I remembered all of the awkward places I’ve changed clothes in public. I usually do this in my car, or let’s be honest, standing behind the car door. This is a sadly incomplete list of parking lots where I’ve changed clothes:

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Top Ten Things Outdoor Women Say

10. Do we have exfoliating soap? I need to scrub the race number off my arm.

9. I would buy new clothes, but I’m saving for skis (or harness, or bike, or other favorite toy).

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Making Ice Cream from Snow

Kids love to eat snow. So much so that I once had to explain to a little five-year-old why we couldn’t eat snow off the floor that had been tracked in. Rather than fight their impulse, I say let them embrace it. Over at the RedBarnBlog, I am guest blogging with a recipe for how to make ice cream from snow.