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Visiting Park City in the Summer

Most of the world forgets Park City exists in seasons other than winter. This place is one of the reasons I love Utah so much. We get four distinct seasons with each having so much to offer. It reminds me of the song “If Ever I Would Leave You”. Summer in Park City brings cooler temperatures than the lower valley flows (15 degrees today), green verdant views, and the smell of pine.

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Flash Floods in Lake Powell

This waterfall formed after maybe ten minutes of rain. We were boating up Forgotten Canyon in Lake Powell when the blinding downpour drove us into a small cove. Waterfalls streamed down the rock walls on all sides as we tried to secure the rain cap over the boat.

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Utah Lake, Fun or Eww?

Anytime I tell people that we boat in Utah Lake, I usually get one response, “Eww.”

Utah Lake has a reputation for being dirty, swampy, and polluted. People drive right passed the big mass of blue to lakes an hour or two down the road. Rumors abound about water skiing with moss dragging behind skis and stopping the propeller.

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